How To Find Out Whether Your iPhone Is SU Or FU

Find out whether your iPhone Is SU or FU. In overall, based on the carriers, the iPhone is categorized into two main models which are iPhone SU and FU. What is iPhone SU and iPhone FU?

In this post, I will try to explain briefly about the two models of iPhone to clear the different between each of the iPhone so you will understand the difference.

iPhone SU

What is iPhone SU? SU is abbreviation of Software Unlock which means the iPhone is bonded with contract by a certain operator. If you buy this iPhone's model then you will automatically use the SIM card of the operator. For example, if your device is AT&T based iPhone thus you have signed the contract with AT&T to use all the services the carrier is offering.

And that means you can not use another SIM card, unless you unlock your iPhone first, therefore this model is cheaper because of the contract. In other word iPhone SU is a locked device.

iPhone FU

What is iPhone FU? FU means Factory Unlock, differs from SU, this model is free from any contracts from any carriers. You can use any SIM card for your iPhone FU. But it's more expensive since there is no contract attached to it.

If you are a traveler, then iPhone FU is your best option.

Check iPhone IMEI Number Online to recognize your iPhone whether it's SU or FU

To find whether your iPhone is SU or FU then we need a IMEI number by it we will find out whether it's factory unlock or Software Unlock.

How to see your iPhone IMEI number? Setting -> General -> About -> Scroll down to see - imei

We will be using a free online service from iPhoneImei.Info then fill our IMEI number to the provided blank form.

Step 1. Now open this site;

Step 2. Now enter your IMEI Number to the provided form.
iPhone IMEI Number
Step 3. You will get a report telling whether your iPhone is SU or FU, see the SIM Lock area, if it says Locked means your iPhone is SU, if it says Unlocked means your iPhone is FU.
Check iPhone SU FU
If the report says that your iPhone is SU then you can unlock it using the unlocking tutorials available on the net or buying an app to do the job. But once you upgrade your iOS version to the newer version the unlock ability will be wiped out so be careful.

That's how to find out whether your iPhone is SU or FU. Hope you find this post useful. Right?

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