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    How To Enable Private Browsing On iPhone Or iPad

    Do you always want to enable your iPhone or iPad private browsing features? But you have no idea on how to enable it on your iOS based device. Worry not! Because this post will guide you through the process.

    Some of you might ask yourself, why should I enable private browsing, do I need it? Surely whether you need it or not, it all depends on your need.

    But it's better if you know the reason as to why some iOS device users enabled private browsing to help decide yourself whether you need this feature enabled or not.

    As we know that our iPhone's browser -- like Safari -- keeps all the website or its pages we visit for future reference, however for some people that's not good for their privacy.

    That's what private browsing is all about. Once you have enabled private browsing feature, then you tell your browser not to keep your browsing history. Useful, huh? If that's what you think. Let's enable it.

    How to enable private browsing on iPhone and iPad

    Step 1. Power On your iPhone or iPad, then go to Settings app.

    Step 2. Now choose Safari.

    Step 3. In The Privacy area, you will then see the option named, Private Browsing. Toggle the option to On. See the picture to get a clearer picture.
    Enable iPhone iPad Private Browsing
    Great, you can now browse privately to any web pages you desire. As an indicator that you are browsing privately is by the color of the Safari which has turned to black indicating the feature is enabled.

    It's easy to enable private browsing in iPhone or iPad.

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