How To Edit APN Setting On iPhone Or iPad

Did you know how to edit APN settings on your iPhone or iPad easily? If you have no idea on how to do it, this post will help you by walking you through the process to edit and set your iPhone APN or other your iOS firmware based devices.

But beforehand, let us know why we need to edit and set the APN of our iPhone? Because Apple gives ability for internet service provider to disable APN setting. Therefore, automatically our iPhone is connected to their network only and we will be charged for all data we use, without a choice to choose another service.

So by that situation we have no power to edit the APN setting if our internet providers have disabled the APN setting.  So if you previously try to unlock your iPhone and found it was useless, I understand you, because your system is locked when trying to access the internet and the one who locked it is your own internet provider because they disable any settings toward our iPhone APN.

The guides in this post require you to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, if your device is not yet jailbroken, I suggest you to firstly jailbreak your iOS 8 iPhone or iPad.

Once you have done jailbreaking your iOS devices, you may continue to the following steps.

The following are two reasons why you must edit your APN settings.
  1. So your unlocked iPhone or iPad can access the internet.
  2. Reduce the amount of internet bills, you can pick providers that offer cheaper data package.
And the following is the guides to edit and set your iPhone APN settings.

How To Edit APN On iPhone Or iPad

How to edit APN settings on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Cydia.
  2. Now find "APN Editing".
  3. Once you found it, install the package on your iPhone.
  4. Now respring your iPhone, once the package is fully installed.
  5. Go to Data Network Tab on Settings > General > Network.
In that area you can edit your APN setting according to the internet networking service you are using.

If you don't know how to edit your APN settings, please to head to this page.

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