How To Download iPhone Apps Bigger Than 50 MB In App Store Without Wifi

Apple doesn't allow you to download iPhone application or game bigger than 50 MB without being connected to Wifi network, thus if you don't have Wifi signal in your area, then you can not install the app you wish to download in App store or iTunes store. That would be a shame, especially when you are so far away from any available Wifi connections while at the same time you are desperately in need the app.

The reason why Apple set this limitation is for saving your 3G or LTE internet data for being eaten through download, especially if you are on limited internet data plan.

But at the same time not all users having Wifi or in the Wifi coverage area while they find an awesome app they wish to install. Thus to solve the situation, you can utilize the 3G Unrestrictor tweak from Cydia.

This tweak fill remove the restrictions Apple set, as the result you can download the app bigger than 50 MB while on a mobile internet connection.

3G unrestrictor is not a free tweak, it costs $3.99 and it's available on Cydia now.

How to download iPhone application bigger than 50 MB in App Store or iTunes Store without Wifi.

1. Once you have the 3G Unrestrictor tweak installed on your device. Go to its settings to make sure that iTunes or App store are on its list.

3G Unrestrictor Cydia.png

2. Now open the App Store to download the apps you want, no matter how big its size, you can now download it!

3. Done!

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