How To Display Song Lyrics On iPhone And iPod Touch

Well today I would like to share a good feature for your entertainment, which is displaying song lyrics on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This tips is specially for those who love singing a song, with the lyrics appear on their iPhone's screen will accommodate their singing favorite songs.

You can display song lyrics on jailbroken iPhone or non-jailbroken, therefore don't worry because your iPhone doesn't need to be jailbroken!

Perhaps you don't know that displaying lyrics is great way to have more fun while listening the song, especially the song you like, so you can sing by reading its lyric.

How to display the lyrics of the song your iPhone is playing

You can follow the whole steps written below, at the end the lyrics of the song your device is playing will appear for you to read. Let's do it.
Display Song Lyrics iPhone iPod
Step 1. Now launch iTunes and then choose Music tab.
Display Song Lyrics
Step 2. Now select the song you wish to display its lyric, and then right-click on that song to select "Get info".
Get Song Info
Step 3. Now choose Lyrics tab, write the song lyrics manually (if you memorized its lyrics), you can write it by yourself or paste the lyrics you got from website or anywhere and then click Ok.
Show Song Lyrics
Step 4. Right-click on that song again, then select "Show in finder" to find the location of the song on your computer.
Show In Finder
Step 5. Transfer the song to your iPhone and iPod now to see the result.

Anyway, currently this method can't be applied on iPad and so far I don't know whether the same can be used on the Windows OS based computer.

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