How To Add Safari Web Page To Reading List On Another Web Browser

Safari is the official web browser of OS X, but most of the users prefer to use another browsers that have more features. However in iOS, Safari performs quite fast, and has good feature for reader like Reading List. With this feature you can put a web page temporary to be read next time.

There is a menu namely Add To Reading List, however most users don't use it much. And if you user non-Safari browser and still want to use Reading List, just follow the steps below. What you need to do is creating the new Service OS X using Automator.

Instructions to add Safari Web Page to reading list on anothre web broser

Step 1. Run Automator inside the app folder.

Step 2. Then choose the type of service document.
Safari Browser Service
Step 3. Select Service receives selected: text in: any applications.
Safari Browser Now
Step 4. Type Apple in the search input, Run AppleScript will appear.
Step 5. Now move Run AppleScript to the right side.
Step 6. Erase the existing code, change it with this script add2readinglist.scpt.
Step 7. Save the created Service.
Step 8. The Service will appear on the menu Aplication Name > Service. The name of it depends on what you saved on the previous step.
Safari Browser Services
Step 9. Done.

To start sending a webs= page from another browser or app, simply select the url, then head to Application > Services. Then the URL will be automatically added to the Safari's Reading List.

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