Workaround If iPhone Physical Button Is Broken Or Unresponsive

Workaround you can follow to deal with broken iPhone physical button or unresponsive. The full tips can be read on this post.

Is your iPhone home button not working? Or less responsive? Don't panic, there are solutions you can follow to deal with that unwanted condition.

Having a Home button broken is a pain in the back situation considering the importance of this feature, this one of the features provided in iPhone we use often. So if it's broken it's imaginable how frustrated you will be.

We know that repetitive pressing the home button can effect to it, less responsive, less sensitive or damaged are the effects that will likely happen in the end.

It's normal. But nobody wants that to happen to their own device.

Don't throw your iPhone yet and buy a new one, because it's not too wise solution considering you are connected to the internet. Means you can search the solutions to your problem from internet sea.

Lucky you because the post you are reading now is one of the many that is offering the best tips to deal with a broken home button on your iPhone.

Workaroujnd If iPhone Physical Button Is Broken Or Unresponsive
If your physical home button is broken, damaged or very less responsive then you can use the virtual Home button provided by default on your iPhone.

Such as AssistiveTouch Home button. By default this button is enabled. It's prepared by Apple to condition like this.

In case you never heard about AssistiveTouch and don't know how to enable the option.

Worry not, the post will cover the whole steps to enable AssistiveTouch.

Use Home button from AssistiveTouch on iPhone.

Since this option disabled by default. So to use AssistiveTouch firstly we must enable the option via your iPhone.

There are two methods to activate Assistive Touch on iPhone as follow.

Enable AssistiveTouch using Siri.

If your iPhone has Siri, then use her, in order to enable AssistiveTouch.
Tell to Siri “Turn on AssistiveTouch” to enable the option.

Enable AssistiveTouch via Settings.

You can go to other roads to activate AssistiveTouch.
  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Then head to General.
  3. Tap on Accesibility.
    Fix Unresponsive iPhone Home Button
  4. Tap on AssistiveTouch.
  5. And then enable the option.
    Activate AssistiveTouch iPhone
  6. The result of activated AssistTive button as follow.
    Enable AssistiveTouch Home On iPhone If Physical Home Button Damaged
Additional tips which is to close app albeit the physical Home button unresponsive.
  • Launch applications -- pick application randomly -- on your iPhone.
  • Press and hold your iPhone Power button til the “Slide to Power Off” (Slide to Shutdown) dialog appears, and then release the Power button.
  • And now, press and hold the Home button until the “Slide to Power Off” screen disappears, to force quit the application.
Now you still can use do many things which required the involvements of Home button, albeit it's not the physical Home button, this is just a workaround anyway.

So now you've got nothing to worry about your broken iPhone physical Home button.

Hope this post helps you to fix unresponsive iPhone home button.

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