Fix Mail, Weather, Safari Error After iOS 7 jailbreak

Are you experiencing the very inconvenient conditions of your Safari, Mail and Weather apps not working like they used to after Evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak? Then you are not alone.

Many jailbreakers reported the same situations, complaining those useful apps stop working after jailbreak. Albeit the culprit is not cause by jailbreak. Yet some of them think so.

Fix Mail, Weather, Safari error after iOS 7 jailbreak
Fix Mail, Weather, Safari Error After iOS 7 jailbreak
Those who are experiencing the problems have forgeten that they did something else after jailbroke iOS 7 device using Evasi0n tool. After performing a quite investigation I found that those whose experiencing the stop workings weather, mail, safari apps are those who have AppSync installed.

And yes, the culprit is the AppSync app that was immediately installed on iOS 7 after Evasi0n iOS 7 tool released.

And based on the workaround I got from the net is to recommend users if they have AppSync installed on their jailbroken iOS 7 firmware and currently experiencing the error, then you should uninstall the AppSync app then try to reboot your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to see whether it's solved the problem.

And remember, that the AppSync was discontinued last year to which make the app is not seriously developed therefore it's recommended not to install the app albeit lately there are number of websites on the net share the insallation guides of the said app.

Hope this post helps you fixing the error occurred on your Safari, Mail and Weather apps after iOS 7 jailbreak.

And please share whether this workaround fixed your problem. Or if you have a better solution then don't be stranger to share yours to me.

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