Fix iTunes Activation Error While Updating iOS Version

This is a complete tutorials to fix iTunes activation error while installing to newer iOS firmware versions. You will find the fixes from various iOS versions. Like if you experience activation error while trying to update to iOS 7 and the causes of the error is also be explained. And the same error while trying to update to iOS 8 and the cause of the problem.

I will start from the iOS 7, you can read the whole post here and pick the one that is your problem. Happy read guys.

For installing iOS 7

iOS devices users who wish to update their version to the iOS 7 Beta reported that they experience iTunes activation error during the iOS 7 Beta installation.

The reason is simply because they update their iOS to 7 Beta without UDID, thus this problem appears. And this problem becomes popular lately. This post is created to help those who are currently facing this inconvenient problem.

Apple uses the UDID on your device to verifies that you're a legitimate developers. So if your phone doesn't has it. There is no need to follow the guides written here.

For installing iOS 8

Activation error when trying to install iOS 8 beta is likely because you click on the Restore button on iTunes, not update which triggers the error to appear. And remember the steps offered here to fix the activation error is for developers only, that means those who have UDID file on their phone and is registered as Apple developers. And the fix iOS 8 activation error for that can be found below this article.

So what should we do to deal with the iTunes activation error during iOS 7 Beta installation? Well just follow the below tutorial that I will elaborate the steps for you to follow.

You can follow one of the two methods offered below, of course the one that works for you -- or follow each of them that works best for you!

iTunes Activation Errors

How to fix iTunes Activation Error While installing iOS firmwares

For iOS 7

Downgrade back to iOS 6.

Firstly the thing you need to do is back to the iOS 6, this is must. To do so you can follow the related guides to get your iOS 7 beta to iOS 6.

When you have done downgrading to iOS 6. Now you can install the iOS 7 beta.

If you previously suffered iTunes activation error, the main cause that raised the problem is because you clicked the Restore button from iTunes, instead of the Update button to get iOS 7 beta. Actually it's shouldn't be a problem in the old day, yet it's now.

Now what you need to is...

  1. Plug your device to your Macintosh or Windows computer.
  2. Then open iTunes.
  3. See the device options, press and hold alt+option if you are on Mac,or if you use Windows then use Shift from keyboard. And then click the Update button (not Restore).
  4. You need to locate the iOS 7 beta file you got from developer portal and then choose it.
  5. iTunes will then update your device with the file.
Well done you should see your device boot up normally and the activation error is gone. And remember apply the instructions only if you own UDID file on your phone, if not, there is no need to install the beta version for developers.

For iOS 8.

The process is similar like the above, you need to downgrade back to iOS 7.1.1. And then install iOS 8 beta again using Update button only. And once you have done downgrade back to iOS 7.1.1. Then follow the steps below.

First of all you have to restore to iOS 7.1.1 back from iOS 8, than re-install iOS 8 again from beginning without making mistake. i.e. (First downgrade installed iOS 8 beta version to iOS 7.1.1 and then again open iTunes and update your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch to iOS 8 by pressing an update button).

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your Mac or Windows computer.
  2. Then you should launch iTunes.
  3. Look at the device options, then press and hold alt+option for Mac users, if you are using Windows just press Shift on your keyboard.
  4. Now click Update button (do not repeat your mistake by pressing Restore button).
  5. Now find the the iOS 8 beta file you got from developer portal and then choose it.
  6. iTunes will then do its task to automatically update your existing iOS firmware version to the iOS 8 beta.
Now you have done fixing the iTunes activation error, make sure you keep in your mind for not using Restore button to avoid the same tragedy to happen in the future. Hope this post help you. See you in the next posts. :d.

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