Fix Frozen Or Hung iPhone With Hard Reset

Fix iPhone totally frozen or hung with Hard Reset on iPhone. Apple's products are lavish but at the same time exclusive, however it doesn't mean they are free of error. For example, iPhone or iPad is usually experiencing a total frozen on springboard. And this situation could stop you from doing everything you need. Of course it's so unpleasant.

It is the condition when you are stuck on your iPhone's springboard or anywhere without being able to do anything, your screen stops responding the touches, unable to close the opening apps, and the usually helpful button like Power/Sleep is also stop functioning. Your iPhone doesn't respond to anything you tap or press! Just freeze like a solid ice.

In that case what you need is hard reset your iPhone, it will reboot your device to fix the problem. It differs from normal restarting way, but have the same purpose.

The normal way to reboot your device is by simply pressing the power button for about a few seconds til Slide to Power Off line comes up.

But in the total frozen situation it doesn't help. Thus we use the hard reset. It's the extreme one, yet it works.

How to hard reset iPhone or iPad to fix iPhone totally frozen

Hard Reset iPhone
The picture tells what you should do. And follow the below steps.

Step 1. Hold and press these buttons; Power / Sleep + Home for a few seconds.

Follow the fix unresponsive or broken iPhone Home button post if you happen to experience the said problem.

Step 2. Your device's screen will turn to dark / black, keep holding the Power / Sleep + Home buttons for another few seconds.

Step 3. And if your device's screen shows the Apple Logo, then release the power and home buttons. This means you have successfully entered the hard reset.

Step 4. Now just wait for your iPhone to switch from the Apple logo to the home screen.

The above is the steps to fix a total frozen iPhone and iPad. If you have a better idea. Please drop it on the comment area.

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