Fix Error 3014 In iTunes

When updating or restoring an Apple device with iTunes, error may occurs due to non-functioning connection to the Apple server, then you will get the error message 3014. How can you fix the connection problem, keep reading this post for solutions.

We will put across all the causes of the problems along with the solutions.

Error 3014 when Updating or Restoring.
Fix 3014 Error In iTunes
  • If you would like to update or restore your Apple device, sometimes iTunes can not connect to the Apple server and you therefore face the error 3014,
  • To resolve this error, you must check various software and internet settings while trying out to update or restore your Apple device software.
  • Often the error 3014 occurs because an outdated version of iTunes. Therefore download the latest iTunes version by updating your iTunes with the option "Check for updates".
  • In rare cases, the connection can not be established because your computer's date differs from the date of the Apple server. Therefore, check the accuracy of your date and your time.
  • If you are using a firewall and / or router, you must set this feature enabled, so it won't block the address of the Apple Server "" nor the ports "80" and "443".
  • Also check your proxy settings for internet connections, it's possible the feature blocks the connection to the Apple server or break it. Therefore I suggest to temporary disable this feature to perform update or restore operation.
  • Perhaps it's firewall interfering, thus I suggest you to disable it.
  • Try to delete this and from your file host.
    Edit File Host
Or you can fix error 3014 stuck by hard reset.

Perform hard reset iPhone by pressing Power + Home buttons for about 5 seconds till your phone is restarting.

As for now those are the solutions I can offer, I will update this post once I found the accurate methods to enrich the discussion until then please to try following the above steps.

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