Fix Blank Icons Or White Icons After Jailbreak iPhone

Fix blank icons or white icons after jailbreak iPhone. White icons or blank icons appear on the iPhone springboard or homescreen after iOS untethered jailbreak using tools like Absinthe or Redsn0w or Corona, actually those tools are not the culprits.

The condition is the result of the unwanted consequences happen after jailbreak. So don't blame the developers of those amazing jailbreaking tools!


Some people had blamed the jailbreaking tools, and the rest being confused whether this issue related to the package they previously installed from Cydia. But one thing for sure the blank icons and sometimes become transparent only appear on Apple stock apps.

So the fix is related to cache that you need to clean. Frankly the issue is not new in fact it's a common one when people try Winterboard themes.

When the icons is blank or white you need to find a quick solution to fix that. That's why this post made by me. To offer you solutions. Yes you will be given three solutions to try, hopefully all of them work for you.

Without further ado let's get into the fixes to deal with white, empty and transparent icons disease and bring back the beautiful view without bugs. Shall we?

How to fix blank icons or white icons after jailbreak iPhone?

Solution 1.

1. On the Cydia: download and install a tweak called Springtomize 2 via BigBoss repository.
2. And then enable Springtomize 2, once you did, then click on Reload on the right top side of iPhone screen.
Reload and enable Springtomize 2
3. After that, select Reload Settings, in order to reload your settings and clean cache, lastly properly back your applications icons.

Solution 2.

Or you can try the alternative solution below.
Activate SBSetting’s drop-down menu and touch the “Respring” button.

Solution 3.

Or you can also try iWipe app, that can be downloaded from Cydia. Once the app is running, it will clean SpringBoard cache so the images will from any themes will appear correctly on WinterBoard. Once the caches wiped out, you will get new colorful masks for your icons.

To fix this problem, simply download iWipe Cache from Cydia, and run the app. According to the app description, iWipe Cache allows you to:

Hope this post makes you able to fix white icons (blank icons) after iOS jailbreak. And see you again.

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