Delete iTunes Other Data Easily

Delete Other Data On iTunes easily. Are you feeling disturbed with the Other label, when your iPhone or iPad is connected to your PC, Other usually appears. The Other folder contains number of files

This Other appears on the bar graph of iTunes, and the bad news is iTunes doesn't allow you to delete data inside Other to free your space from it.

Then this post offers 6 most accurate methods to delete Other data in iTunes.

Remove Other On iPhone Storage

There is also a simple app that will do the job, such as PhoneClean can be used to delete Others in iPhone or iPad. But, for some users, that is not an option they like and are not too satisfied. Because it's for caches and cookies of apps only.

Thus to satisfy you, this post add another 6 methods to optimize in erasing the Others of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

1. Delete and then reinstall an app that has big data.

Delete And Reinstall App iPhone

When the first time we download any apps, their sizes are not too big. But after the months of years of using the app, the data size (like history, cache, etc) of the app is bigger. And this data is categorized by iTunes as Others.

You should regularly check it by going to Settings > General > Usage, to view which app who owns the most data within. If you have found one, then delete it then reinstall the app.

Remember by deleting that app, you will lose all the data inside it. So be sure to think twice, if it's an important app.

2. Delete the longest messages in iMessage.

The big size messages with too many media content can consume your phone's storage. So it's better for you to check the messages on your iPhone or iPad, then sort them one by one to find the messages that are no longer worth to be saved -- and the long thread message with big content -- delete them all.

Our habit in sending picture, etc through iMessage can consume our iPhone's storage. So if you wish to send picture / photo, it's better for you to use an app like Droplr.

3. Clean cookies, history, data in Safari browser.

Clear History And Cookies iPhone iOS

We are unable to change the iOS default web browser, because of that -- like it or not -- we use Safari to browse the internet. As the result, we are having the chunks of cookies, data and history.

Delete them by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History, Clear Cookies and Data.

Albeit this method doesn't free too much space inside Others File, but it gives effect for speed experience.

4. Delete Voice Memos.

Delete Voice Memo iPhone iOs

Voice Memos is categorized as Others file by iTunes. So if you use this feature regularly, it's not surprising if your Others file is swell.

For iOS 6 users, cleaning it is a good idea, by going to Voice Memos, select 3 lined icon that appears on the right lower side. Now choose the record you are no longer want, then tap the Delete icon.

For those using iOS 7 beta, then choose white color column in the lower part, then tap Edit, to delete the records you don't need.

5. Restart your iPhone or iPad

Restart your iOS device after performing the above methods, this is needed for your system to recalculate the total data used inside your device.

After restarting, now go to Settings > General > Usage, or connect your device to iTunes. If the Others file still swell, it could be your iTunes has not recalculated the data of that device. Sync your iPhone for second time then.

But if there is no expected progress, you can perform the sixth step below.

6. Backup and restore your device.

If your others file still swell, then do this method. Restoring your device could clean it from Others file, so it could free some space in your storage.

But if restoring your device doesn't fix the problem then you can do the Factory reset your iPhone. Resetting your iPhone into factory setting means you delete the entire data and put it back to the condition when you first time bought it.

Do this only if you think this is the last hope to delete Others file in iPhone.

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