Cydia Tweak: Nuntius To Enable Quick Reply For WhatsApp Message

Quick Reply is iOS 8 brought app that affixes facility when using Messages app only. With Quick Replay feature you are given a quick access to respond any messages directly from Notification Center where the messages are shown. Unfortunately this handy feature is limited to Messages stock apps, therefore there is no way to use it on third party apps like WhatsApp for example. It's because apps other than stock messages don't have access to the quick reply API.

But then people that deserve to be called developers have unchained the limits Apple set in the form of Cydia tweak namely Nuntius. It is an iOS 8 supported tweak developed to reply messages from WhatsApp directly from Notifications Center of your iOS device. That means you don't have to repeatedly open WhatsApp in order to reply the coming messages.

All the messages replaying tasks can be done via Notification Center. Time saver app, isn't it? Therefore if replying WhatsApp messages is your routine activity then you should try this tweak.

Nuntius Cydia Tweak

Nuntius can be installed from Cydia, the installing steps are similar like any other apps. Just launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone or iPad then add this repo URL within Cydia source. Install it, once the installation process is complete you will see Quick Reply enabled to further be used in replying WhatsApp messages right from Notification Center.

So now each time you wish to reply messages from WhatsApp you can simply launch Notification Center then tap on Notifications on top to view WhatsApp messages. From there you can instantly reply a message and send it.

Nuntius Quick Reply

Additional information.

Nuntius doesn't need to be configured as it is not coming with either preference panels or configure options. Just as is. Each time a message comes for you in Notification Center, a quick reply interface appears.

Since you now have activated Quick Reply your WhatsApp experience will be better than before.

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