Complete Ways To Deauthorize Computer Using iTunes And Apple ID

How to deauthorize computer using iTunes and Apple ID can be done easily. If you are unable to install an app (sync) in iTunes to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch because you are not authorized by computer as there are already 5 computers you have authorized previously.

And the condition become worsen if you forget or confused which computer that you have authorized as the result you can not deauthorize computer from the Apple ID you are using. If you remember which is the authorized computer then the deauthorizing process will be easier.

The following are the steps to deauthorize computer using Apple ID and iTunes. I will start to those who know the authorized computer they wish to deauthorize and secondly to those who don't know which computer they authorized. Let's get started.

1. The first step is if you know the autorized computer.

To deauthorize computer from Apple ID can be done easily by doing this
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Sign In to the Apple ID of yours.
  • After your are logged into the account, then choose Store button on the top sde of iTunes then choose Deauthorize This Computer (if you wish to take off the authorization for computer to install the apps (sync). Or choose the Authorize This Computer if you want to permit the computer for installing the apps and sync to iPhone, iPad atau iPod Touch.
Deauthorize This Computer

2. If you forget the authorized computer.

Most of cases are people forget which computers they previously authorized for certain Apple ID, as the result they can't authorize another computers using the Apple ID and automatically unable to install any apps.

If you experience this problem, you can Deauthorize all computer but there are few things you need to consider.
  • This trick can be done only one time a year.
  • This trick can be one if the Apple ID has just Authorized a one or two computers.
  • A Deauthorize All button only appears if Apple ID you use have already Authorize 3, 4 or 5 computers.

To Deauthorize All computer from Apple ID if you forget which the authorized computers

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Sign In using your Apple ID.
  • Now select Apple ID name button to further selecting Account button.
  • Now information relating your Apple appears and then search about Computer Authorizations explaination.
  • After you found it, now choose Deauthorize All button to erase all the authorized computer from Apple ID so you can make another authorizations from another computer.
  • When a windo popup appears now choose Deauthorize All Computers button.
Done you have successfully deauthorized computers from certain Apple ID on iTunes.

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