Clean Up Mac Disk Storage Space

Clean up Mac disk space or disk storage. Discarding files and folders that are less useful or instead not useful at all can give your more empty spaces in you MacBook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac.

And then you can enjoy those free storage once more to store things you regard more important. Not only getting more spaces, freeing up our storage from unused files bog could also give a positive effect to your Mac computer performance! So don't be surprise if you see your machine is faster, smoother and surely stabler.

And fortunately there are number of procedures you can apply to get more free spaces in your Mac computer. And the post you are now perusing sharing a few procedures to clean up your Mac's internal storage from those files.

Clean Up Mac Disk Storage Space

Clean Up disk space on MacBook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac

By following all procedures below you will reclaim the amount of available disk on your disk space. The procedures relate to examining apps, data, etc on your folder and other apps on your Mac by checking your Download, Desktop, apps folders, etc.

By doing that you will find out about the apps you rarely use or don't need. Therefore by applying the procedures hopefully you will achieve your wish to free up your Mac storage for something useful.
  1. Desktop, firstly we start from the Desktop, this area is most familiar to us since it's the first screen appears each time our Mac powers on. So find anything there you regard shouldn't be there and you don't need it, then just drag the files to the trash.
  2. Dispose of emails, now let's dispose some not-important emails from your Mac. You can do so by simply going to Mailbox > Erase deleted items > In All accounts > Mailbox > Erase Junk Mail.
  3. Cleanse iPhoto apps, having too many photos inside your iPhoto app? Were they taken at the precious moments or simply taken accidentally or just a bad memories needed to be banished? Well it's time to clean the house. Simply send those photos to Trash.
  4. iMove, this Apple official video editing software could be a culprit to make our storage fat if there are too many not-important video clips saved within it. Thus I suggest you do a clean up in this area, selectively take the video clips that won't make you get $1.000.000 :)). and select Trash to be the video next destination.
  5. Ditch apps in Finder, now let's point our attention to Finder, to check if there is (are) nearly rare used app (s) dwelling there. Then again, ditch it!
  6. Clean up Downloads folder, to also check the Downloads folder within your Mac see there is downloaded files locate there. These kind of files could also help your storage to be fatter, thus I suggest to also get rid off them.
  7. Clear Temporary Files, this would also be a good road to free your precious disk space from unnecessary files called temporary files. These kind of files occupy your storage. You can install an app that will do the cleaning for you like CCleaner that will ensure all these files wiped out.
  8. Banish "Other" from your Mac OS X, what's in the Other is simply your data, they are categorized with Other because not identified as the other recognized files like photos, backups, movies, audios, apps. And you can find Other by going to Apple Menu -> About This Mac.
    Other In Mac
    You can use a software to deal with it namely OmniDiskSweeper, it's free that will assist you a lot to clean up your disk space, be sure to make a backup over your important data. (If you own iOS device, then you can delete iTunes Other on iPhone easily).
  9. Empty Trash, well since you have almost everything sent to Trash, those files accumulated and still remain in your disk space, therefore empty your trash too.
If you want to directly send those unused apps out from your storage without firstly being retained in Trash. Then you can follow the guide here; Mac Tutorial: Directly Delete Files Without Firstly Put Them In Trash.

Well those are the 9 approaches that will certainly free and clean up your Mac disk space. The problem that  normally experience by any operating systems based computers users are the accumulated files (whether useful or useless one) that will gradually or rapidly effect the performance of the computer and the shortage of the available disk space.

Thus we are recommended to regularly checking the existing non-useful files that staying in our machine and find out the size of the files to further remove them for good to have more room. Hope this post helps you solving your lack of disk space problem in your Mac computer. See you in the next posts.

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