Bring Galaxy S4 Smart Pause To iPhone With FaceHalt Tweak

One of the features that put Samsung Galaxy S4 on top of the smartphone list is Smart Pause, sure some of you have already known that awesomeness.

And if your are iOS based device users, it's not a hype if I think you are feeling jealous to the Galaxy S4 users because of that features.

Well you should not keep the jealousy too long, because you can bring that feature to your device. No...I am not kidding, I am telling you the truth.

How to get Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause on iPhone or iPad.

The Smart Pause like ability can be brought to iPhone using a Cydia tweak namely FaceHalt. The name is different, but the two have almost similar function.

As we know with Smart Pause, you can stop the video if your eyes are away from your Galaxy S4 screen. The camera of your device monitors your eye balls, and it detects whether they are still watching the screen, if they are away the Smart Pause will immediately pause the video when your two eyes back to the screen the video will be playing again automatically.

And the FaceHalt can do exactly like Smart Pause does, your playing video will be paused once your eyes look at the other side (not at your iPhone's screen) and will go on when your eyes back watching the screen. The tweak uses your device camera to monitor your eyes movement. Isn't that magic?

FaceHalt Cydia Tweak To Bring Galaxy S4 Smart Pause To iPhone iPad
To activate the FaceHalt is easy, just head to Settings app and you can enable it from that place. After it's enabled, it will monitor your eyes each time watching video.

FaceHalt supports iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and iPad 2,3,4 also Mini version. And iPod touch 5G.

If you are interested, you can get this tweak in BigBoss repository for $1.99. Remember FaceHalt is a Cydia tweak, thus to install it you need a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But you need to firstly jailbreak your iPhone in order using this remarkable Cydia tweak, therefore head to this page to jailbreak your existing iDevice.

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