BatteryLife Cydia Tweak

BatteryLife Cydia tweak has been updated recently and the battery life checking app is in version. 1.6.1. Now it monitors all the data of our battery and supports iOS 8.xx firmware.

With the support of iOS 8, the tweak will of course gain more popularity let alone its ability offered that certainly be liked by users. BatteryLife can be used to larger iOS screen device like iPad. Therefore iPad users welcome this tweak.

The main purpose of this tweak is of course not to add more power over your battery, instead reporting about the battery condition like its capacity, voltage, cycles, etc. By that report you can measure what to do to keep your battery life lengthy.

Among other improvements planted in this version, but there is something interesting which is Chinese language support.
BatteryLife Tweak
BatteryLife , updates every 20 seconds, the state of our battery, making note several parameters.
  • Charging the battery (in mAh)
  • Battery capacity (in mAh)
  • Voltage (mV)
  • Number of charging cycles
  • Temperature
  • State of Charge
  • Maximum value of the charging current (in mAh) Value discharge current
The tweak can be found on Cydia for free on the BigBoss repo.

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