What Is iTools And What It Can Do For Us

What is iTools. By default iPhone can not be connected to computer, even a Mac computer. Differs from iPod, as the only Apple mobile device that's armed with USB feature so it can be connected with any computer whether it's desktop, laptop and netbook.

But if you are an iPhone user, then don't be upset by this fact, because there is an easy solution for you so your iPhone can be connected to your computer to help you perform data transferring from iPhone to PC, and otherwise.

You can use many of the available apps, one of which is iTools. That's available for both Windows and Mac.

What is iTools?


This app have been tested by myself. As the very worthy iTunes alternative, it also offers external hard disk feature to identify your iPhone or iPad as the external hard disk.

When this app is running, it will display your iPhone device as a storage media labeled as Removable Hard Disk in your computer Explorer. From there you can perform any activities you need.

What iTools can do for us?

iTools is able to install ipa apps (this is useful if you want to install cracked apps on your iPhone). Entering songs to iPhone, iPad, or iPod without sync and the process is fast.

The lack of iTunes is you are unable to sync including installing, entering songs or photos to any PC. Of course this limitation is disturbing. Even though that limitation is understandable, because if you sync to any pc, then your existing data stored in your iOS device will be overwritten by new iTunes syncing.

If you want to give iTools a try, please head to its official website from this link. You will be directed to iTools website.

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