Virtual Home, Tweak That Adds New Features To The Touch ID Is Updated To Support iOS 8

Virtual Home is one of the most useful and interesting tweaks available in Cydia for Jailbroken iPhone or iPad devices. Thanks to this tweak users can improve the functions of fingerprint ID or Touch devices equipped with mobile operating system from Apple, iOS sensor.

In fact, for some days this tweak has been updated and now supports iOS 8 and with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

You can simply do the following things;
  • Single Tap.
  • Double Tap.
  • Short hold.
  • Tap and short hold.
  • Quick Unlock.
By doing all of the above activities, then you definitely give your physical Home button a break and keep it from broken.

Virtual Home is now compatible with iOS, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Virtual Home 8
Users, having completed installing this tweak on your iOS device with Jailbreak, may have numerous actions you can use while operating your device and will be available by simply touching the Touch ID which is the Home button .

The tweak is also fully customizable, users can choose the types of touch they want to use, for example, return to the Home screen or they want to use to activate multitasking certainly still has the famous mode reachability which was introduced by Apple in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, playing twice on the Touch ID.

In addition to these basic functions, through this tweak settings will be possible to set various options that the user wishes to enhance the use of the device, such as activation of Siri or unlock the device. One of the most interesting is QuickUnlock, which allows the unblocking of our device making the most Home button sensor even though the device is locked.

Download Virtual Home for iPhone with Jailbreak

If you want this tweak, VirtualHome 8 is available via Cydia in the BigBoss repository for $ 1.49, about 1.20 euros. To download this tweak is necessary to have an internet connection and a jailbroken device.

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