AnyDrop 3 Allows You To Share Any File Via AirDrop

AirDrop is possibly one of the most used apps by iPhone users. The app helps users for exchanging files. AirDrop, which comes natively in iOS allows users to send photos and videos quickly between Apple device, obviously, thanks to a tweak available through Cydia.

 The said function can be much more powerful, talk about AnyDrop 3.

AnyDrop 3 supports iOS 8 and also has extensions.

This tweak is not new, in fact many of you may already know it, but now the new version is compatible with iOS in August. We talked about AnyDrop 3, with the tweak installed on your iOS 8 device, then you are able to have the possibility to send any file via AirDrop, bypassing the limitations of iOS have set, and can select more than one multimedia files.

We can use a file browser to navigate through all folders in the operating system, any file sharing, including what we are now using to share applications.

In addition, this new version of iOS AnyDrop 8, now also incorporates two new extensions.
  • The first extension is related to the YouTube app and is very useful for downloads.
  • The second extension can be used with the Music application, thanks to the extension will be able to share any song without DRM from our library to another phone.

When sending files is done, it is not necessary for the other device to have AnyDrop installed. Additional files will be sent with a transfer rate of 20mbps.

Thanks to AnyDrop tweak, users of jailbroken iPhone can get more without being limited from AirDrop feature.

Download AnyDrop 3 for jailbreaken iOS devices

If you want this tweak, AnyDrop 3 is available via Cydia for the price of $ 2.49. If you already have any of the previous versions, you can update this tweak for $ 0.99. To install it is necessary to have a jailbroken iOS device, if you have not already, we recommend you see our guide to jailbreak the iPhone using TaiG.

An Internet connection to download and install all packages are also required. It supports iOS 7 iOS 8 and higher.

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