12 Tips Before Buying A Used iPhone

The post is discussing the legit tips to use when we are about to buy a used iPhone, because it's important to prevent us being fooled and buying an iPhone that's already in bad conditions.

12 tips before buying a used iPhone. Before buying an iPhone, there are several rules to follow and some tips to know so you won't end up be fooled by a dishonest seller. I have listed a few of the these rules to be used as guidance for buying an iPhone. Feel free to add advice by comments, it can be used for everyone.

1. Check for water damage

You should never buy an iPhone that has suffered water damage, it could degenerate thereafter, even if it appears to function properly.

How to check for water damage, There are many of sensors water on the iPhone and two of them can be seen without opening the iPhone. One is inside the plug the hole of the helmet and the other is in the charger receiver.

In fact, they are as fine as white paper and turn pink / red when they come into contact with water.

If you see one of these sensors turn pink / red, then cancel your intention to buy it.

Check iPhone Water Damage Sensor

2. Check the IMEI number

IMEI is the mobile ID card. This is a unique 15 digit number assigned to each mobile telephone. Every time you buy used mobiles (iPhone or other) you should check if it has a valid IMEI number.
How to get the IMEI number of the iPhone
  • Method 1: Please type * # 06 # and a 15 digit number will appear. This is the IMEI number, write it down.
  • Method 2: Go to Settings; General; About and scroll down and you will find the IMEI number. Once you have the IMEI number, go to this site www.imei.info , enter the number and click check. This will give you information about your iPhone. If you find incorrect information, then you should not buy this iPhone.
Note. If you have the iPhone box, you can also match the IMEI number written on the box with the phone.
3. Check Speaker Volume

Go to Music> All songs and play any song from your music library with the volume to maximum. Listen to 2-3 different songs to see if the sound changes when you switch from strong songs / fast to soft, slow songs. If the sound is good and strong enough, is that the speaker is good.

4. Check the touchscreen

The best way to check the touch screen by downloading the application and Paint Studio to color the entire screen to see if all parts of the touch screen work.

5. Check the hardware buttons and vibrate mode

You should check the Home button, the power button, volume buttons and switch the vibrator mode.

6 Check the camera

Do not take a risk, take a few seconds to check the camera and see if it works correctly. Click some pictures to see the quality of the photo, check the Auto Focus. If your device has a front camera, switch between front and back repeatedly. Switch to video and control functions. If your iPhone has a flash, be sure to check if it works.

7. Test wireless connections

Sometimes iPhones have problems with the WiFi and other wireless connections. So if you have access to WiFi, do not forget to check if it connects properly. Insert your SIM card and check if it accesses the cellular network without any problems.

8. Make sure the iPhone is unlocked

Just phone Apple service and tell them your IMEI number. It will let you know if your iPhone is officially unlocked or not. It is better to buy an unlocked iPhone officially, but if you have the invoice you can do it yourself.

9. Check the accessories and the invoice

Before buying an iPhone, check the accessories you have with (headphones, USB cable). Check condition, are they operating properly or not. Also check the invoice (invoice) This will ensure that the iPhone is not stolen.

10. Check the general condition

Check if the body of the iPhone is not damaged, especially on the edges. Check scratches on the body and the screen.

11. Check the sensors

> Each iPhone is equipped with some sensors that help improve the user experience:
- Light sensor (all iPhones)
- Accelerometer (all iPhones)
- Compass Sensor (3GS, 4, 4S, 5)
- Gyroscope (4, 4S, 5)
- Light sensor changes the brightness of the screen according the environment where you are, if you're in a dark place while the light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen.
- The accelerometer is used to switch from portrait to landscape mode, you can check that sensor going in the images, then turn the screen. To check the compass sensor, just go to the pre-installed compass application.

12. Check the age of the iPhone and the life of the battery

It is important that you know how old was the iPhone that you buy. You can confirm the date of purchase by checking the invoice of the product. If you can then you should also check the life of the battery.

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