Watchboard Tweak Delivers Apple Watch Interface To Your iPhone

We already talked about the concept which aimed to bring the interface of the Apple Watch on all recent iOS devices and a first tweak under this concept. This time we present Watchboard a second tweak taking this wonderful concept.

The developer is Aaron Ash, the man behind the tweak named Barrel, so as you say he has mastered the art of animating the springboard, and this is exactly the talent it took to this new tweak!

Watchboard therefore takes the idea of ​​the idea of ​​an Apple interface Watch ON iDevices while adding some features. On the Home screen, you have the ability to zoom in or zoom out on applications, to popup the "spotlight" by double tapping an empty area, to place the icons as desired and remove applications throwing them out of the screen.
Level settings, you can first choose to adopt a square shape (normal) or round for our icons, then you can set the choice of display or non-display of names of applications, and finally we can adjust the spacing of the icons.

The biggest advantage of this tweak from the previous, is its fluidity and lightness. Owners of new devices will surely lend less attention, but this tweak is incomparably light and optimize qu'Aeternum.

Watchboard still has fewer features than the latter (gesture activator, icon spotlight, ...), but the developer will have ample opportunity to add more over time, as he did with Barrel.

Watchboard is available on the source of Bigboss for the price of $ 3.99. It is compatible with iPhones and iPods running iOS 8.

And you, what do you think? Could you compare the two tweaks?

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