Tage Tweak; The Zephyr Alternative

Do you remember Zephyr, the tweak that brought a lot of gestures to control multitasking on our devices under the old iOS? This tweak was very useful but it has unfortunately not been updated for iOS 7.

Since then, a new tweak that could be considered as his replacement has emerged, it is called Tage.

Its principle is basically the same as the Zephyr, but it offers more possibilities, beautiful animations. - And best of all, it has recently been updated to be fully compatible with iOS 8 What do we allow actually do?


Tage work is divided into 4 categories.
  • "Switch Apps" that allows to switch from one application to another without opening multitasking, sliding 1 or 2 fingers on the edge of the screen (sensitivity, the number of fingers to use and the area of ​​the 'screen to make this gesture are configurable).
  • "Close App" that allows us to leave an application by droping our bottom finger up the screen (again, many parameters are configurable as an opportunity to leave the app and delete multitasking beyond a certain distance).
  • "Lock device" to lock the device with a 6 intuitive gestures available.
  • And "Quick Switcher" which, in the manner of Auxo 2 to open the multitasking and navigate through the applications therein, in one movement without removing the screen the finger (it can remain on an application for a time set for the latter fades multitasking).
Small nice options complete multitasking, they allow to perform an action when an application or slide the "map" showing the home screen down.

Tage is a tweak that's really well and useful for all those who hate using their physical buttons, or those who are now having a broken physical butoons or for those wishing to use their iDevice more intuitively.

Tage tweak is available on the BigBoss source for the price of $ 1.99, a 3-day test time is available if you want to have a concrete opinion tweak before purchasing a license. It is compatible with all devices running iOS iOS 7 and 8.

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