Install Add Appulous On Jailbroken iPhone

Install add Appulous on jailbroken iPhone. Appulous has launched a website, the one of the best Installous alternative has extended its reach with a famous online media to share the cracked apps for iPhone and all things related to the Apple popular device.

Appulous got its first debut back in the 2008, since then the cracked app market receives a rapid growing popularity from iOS device worldwide until I write this post. The app was developed by the same name who developed Installous, which is Hackulous.

In the Appulous website you will find a list containing large number of cracked apps for iPhone and iPad Touch. And in this post you will be guided to add or install Appulous on your jailbroken iPhone. So be ready guys!

Install Add Appulous On Jailbroken iPhone

Steps To Add Appulous Repo to Cydia

Step 1. Open Cyidia on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Tap the Manage -> Source button.

Install Installous Appulous On iPhone

Step 3. And then hit the Edit button placed on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 4. Now hit the Add button in the top left corner, then add this Hackulous repo; and then Add Source to go to next step.

Step 5. You need to search Installous in Cydia now, once you find it install. Remember the app is Installous not any other name.

Step 6. When done installing the app, please respring!

Step 7. You will then see the Installous icon on your homescreen.

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Now you can use the Installous everytime you wish to download any app, or view the available cracked apps on the provided list. One more thing is you find a torrent link, the app you are viewing support Bittorrent.

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