How To Disable Screen Rotation On iPhone 6 Plus

Disable screen rotation on iPhone 6 Plus. One of the differences between the iPhone and the iPhone 6 6 Plus is that the second can pass in landscape mode Home screen by simply turning the device.

This feature is of course useful when you are about to take a photo on certain conditions that force you to move, or typing a message, etc.

But not all users welcome this feature with joy, some of them regard it very annoying instead. To those feeling disturbed by the new rotation feature on the iPhone 6 Plus can get it disabled instantly.

Yes I know many users have opted for the iPhone 6 Plus to have an almost similar experience with an iPad, but number of considerable iPhone users find the screen rotation can sometimes be so irritating. So there are two ways to achieve your goals and disable rotation mode in iPhone 6 Plus.

How to turn off screen rotation mode on iPhone 6 Plus using a Cydia tweak.

Firstly, if your iPhone 6 Plus is already jailbreak then you have  a simple solution, by using a tweak namely Notate that is designed to particularity disable screen rotation on iPhone. Once Notate is fully installed, it doesn't requires any adjustment or setting, it works immediately.

Notate is available on Cydia from the source BigBoss. If instead you want the rotation to sweat your iPhone 6 then you can use the new Tweak LittleBrother or Upscale..

Manually disable rotation mode on iPhone 6 Plus

Or if your iPhone is non-jailbroken one, then you can perform these steps. The steps have been tested on iPhone 6 Plus running on iOS 8.

Step 1. Press your phone's Home button to display your device Home screen.

Step 2. Now swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen to show Control Center.

Step 3. You need to press the Portrait Orientation Lock button on Control Center's top right corner.

How To Disable Screen Rotation On iPhone 6 Plus

The above step is needed to lock the Portrait Orientation mode so there is no way your iPhone can change the orientation of your Home screen whenever you rotate your iPhone, like in the iPad.

See the following images as comparisons to find out when the Orientation Lock is On or Off.

Orientation Lock ON Or Off

Image source OS X Daily.

The above actions will stop your device to rotate to landscape orientation.  And if in the future you wish to get back the rotation mode, then you can simply head to Control Center to turn ON the Portrait Orientation by unlocking it.

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