How To Delete Unused Apps On iTunes

How to delete unused apps on iTunes. If you own so many apps stored in your iTunes, and those apps are not used and you wish to remove them for saving your eyes from seeing so many apps that could confuse you when trying to restore or sync your iPhone on iTunes. Then you can perform a several steps to do so.

In this post you will be guided to easily remove unused apps like games, ebooks, songs, etc from your iTunes. At the end you will have iTunes with less of apps, the apps you only use not those who you rarely use that can eat so many space in your iTunes interface.

Actually apps removing activity can be done easily with third-party apps two of them are iFunbox and iTools that give you more control in managing your apps, one of the controls I mean is removing unused apps.

Both iTools and iFunbox are the best iTunes alternative, they even better as we are given bigger control in managing our digital cabinet.

I prefer using them to download, install or even delete apps on iPhone or iPad. But if you are not familiar using them, and love iTunes too much then don't worry you can keep it.

How to delete unused apps on iTunes

Below are the steps you can follow to delete or remove apps on your iTunes.

Step 1. Now launch iTunes then select Apps menu on the left sidebar. You will see a list containing bunch of apps remain on your iTunes.

Step 2. Now select the apps you want to remove or the apps you have removed from your iPhone or iPad, remember even you have deleted the apps from your iOS device, they still remain on your iTunes.

Step 3. For Windows OS users, you can click CTRL then click the apps you wish to remove.

Step 4. For all the apps you have selected, then right click to choose Delete from pane.

Step 5. iTunes will then ask your confirmation whether are you sure wanna delete the apps from your iTunes library. Just tap on Delete Apps button to confirm.

Remove Unused Apps On iTunes
Step 6. You have two options now, if you want to permanently delete the apps just select Move to Trash button, or if you want to have them later just hit the Keep Files button.

Delete Unused Apps On iTunes
Step 7. That's how to remove unused apps from iTunes easily.

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