Fix Error 1015 In iTunes

Fix Error 1015 in iTunes. You are probably facing the error during restoring iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, Macbook or iPod Touch. The error prevents you to restore your system and you are presented with Error 1015.

Error 1015 from iTunes is often showing up when you are either downgrading or upgrading your iPhone's OS version. It shows during the upgrading or instead after the upgrading process is complete.

When that happens, your iPhone will boot into recovery mode and the error messages keep showing up each time you make a connection between your iPhone and your computer.
iTunes Error 1015
And in more complete situations, usually the reasons of the Error 1015 are probably because these.
  • iTunes is updated while you use a beta version of Mac iOS.
  • Or you downgrade to the older version of Mac iOS.
  • Or you are trying to execute an authorized activities or popularly known as jailbreak.
The solutions for error 1015 in iTunes.

Step 1. Power off your system.

Step 2. Now plug your device to computer using the available USB cable (make sure your computer has already installed the latest iTunes).

Step 3. When your device is successfully connected to computer you will see a Home screen icon on your phone's device. You need to press and hold Home screen icon till you get this message Connect to iTunes. If you don't see that message then repeat the step 1 till 3.

Step 4. If you have connected your device you will be presented with a notification from iTunes saying that your device is detected by system and require to be restored before you are able using iTunes therefore restore it.

Your system may restore the backup from iCloud. That's it.

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