Everest Cydia Tweak Gives Interactive Notifications For Music App

The iOS 8, ​​the latest OS released for Apple's mobile, bring a lot of new great with the presence of Apple Pay (only in the US for now) widgets in the notification center, third keyboards and interactive notifications.

These are mainly used for the SMS application by allowing users to answer a text message instantly. The Music application and other applications that provide audio content for their part had been left of this novelty. This is where Everest comes in!

This tweak developed by skumar Space, displays a notification containing the title and the name of the album of the music during a runway change or when Activator gesture is performed. These notifications are interactive and allow for pause / start the music and move to the next or previous song.
Everest Cydia Tag.png
Many useful options are available in the Settings application, first you can change the activation method tweak and tweak to activate the Spotify application (Pandora will soon be compatible), and can be added to the cover of the album played in the notification and activate a shortcut to open the application from which the music played when the notification bar is touched.

Some of you probably say that the control center already offers a relatively quick access buttons for controlling the music, but this tweak is infinitely faster, more aesthetic and displayed together with the time information of the music. The option to display a music is played when a new notification is simply excellent and really worth a visit.

The developer already announced a major update contains a number of new features and customization options that should arrive in a few days.

The tweak is available on the BigBoss source for gained $ 0.99, it is compatible with all iPods, iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.xx or iOS 8.xx.

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