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    Disable 3G On iPhone 5s Or iPhone 5c And Stick To 4G

    Many of you have bought a iPhone 5s and 5c , but don't have 4G package to go with, that would be disappointing.

    Especially when you know that either iPhone 5s and 5c are blessed with 4G support standard.

    Unfortunately things don't go pretty well, Apple and celluler network operators no longer offer the ability to disable the 3G via the network settings.

    But no worry, because workarounds are always there to help us. There is one to disable 3G on both iPhoen 5s and iPhone 5c to further sticking to 4G.

    The steps as follow guys.

    Disable 3G on iPhone 5s and 5c

    Before you start.
    • Your iPhone must be jailbroken.
    • You must have iFile.
    Step 1. Go to / System / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone and locate the folder for your operator (for example; Orange)
    Disable 3G iPhone 5s 5c

    Step 2. In the main folder, find the file overrides_N51_N53.pri and rename it to  overrides_N51_N53.pri.bak.
    Disable 3G and Stick With EDGE

    Step 3. In case your carrier is a sub-directory named Signatures. The interior also rename the file overrides_N51_N53.plist to overrides_N51_N53.plist.bak.

    Step 4. Now your restart your iPhone.

    Done. You can now disable 3G on iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c and stick to EDGE network.

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