CopyTrans Apps: Best to manage your iOS apps for free

It is impossible to imagine an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without applications, it would be like an empty shell, you would not have the opportunity to meet with friends on Facebook, play games or even use these applications that make life easier.

The applications of iOS devices are for many of us essential and that is why it is advisable to use CopyTrans Apps Beta. This is the simple solution to have total control over your applications and data.

Backup and restore iPhone apps, iPad or iPod Touch seamlessly on any PC. Edit, delete and add documents such as Word, Excel, PDF, photos and more. Transfer your iOS device's games with scores to another in a few clicks.
CopyTrans Apps iPhone
And for advanced users? Discover the explorer application files that you can handle your applications without limit.

Enjoy free Beta version now and have fun with your applications safely!

You can always download CopyTrans Apps Beta from here; CopyTrans Apps.

What features tha CopyTrans Apps offers to you

Backing up and restoring iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch apps.

Install and uninstall iOS applications.

Add and edit application files such as Word, Excel, PDF, images, videos ...

Transfer applications from one iPhone to another easily.

Save and restore games and keep the existing game's scores.

Advanced Users; You have unlimited access to apps and their data.

Without using iTunes, iCloud or iOS backup, but you can seamlessly manage your applications directly from your computer. It's so easy!

Compatibility: CopyTrans Apps Beta supports all models of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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