Celeste 2 To Use Bluetooth On iPhone Or iPad

How to send or receive files via Bluetooth from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to other devices like BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, Mac or computer and otherwise on iOS 6? Now you can transferring files using Bluetooth using one of the best Cydia jailbroken app that's recently released CocoaNuts.

Celeste 2 is the app name and developed by CocoaNuts that can help you transferring or receiving files using Bluetooth utility on your iOS based devices to other devices using different platforms.

Celeste 2 jailbroken app can be used on devices running on iOS 6.0 - iOS 6.1.3 and can only be installed via Cydia, therefore you have to firstly made your device jailbroken. If you haven't jailbroken your beloved device, then do so.

Celeste 2 Cydia
The newest features offered by Celeste 2 is many, one of them is sending or receiving files like Notes, Music, iBooks, Photos, Ringtones, Safari, Voice Memos, Dropbox or Display Recorder app. This app is pretty useful and can improve your device in regard of file transferring ability using Bluetooth that's not provided by default by Apple.

Celeste 2 is pretty easy to be used, if you succesffully installed the app on your device then launch it by hitting its icon and you are ready to do file transferring. Or if you if the notes or songs that you wish to transfer just hit the Send button then select "Celeste Bluetooth".

Unfortunately it's not free, you need to spend $6.99 from your wallet to get it. An the upgrade is free.

That's what you need to do to sending or receive files using Bluetooth on iPhone.

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