InstaPort: Backup Instagram Photos And Export To Any Social Network Sites

Facebook has acquired Instagram, after the company bought the popular photo sharing app for 1 billion dollars (wow!). Now you are probably asking yourself, what will Instagram be in the hand of Zuckenberg?

Will it better or instead it will be turned into money making machine exploiting its millions of millions users? Time will tell!

As for me, I won’t go that far worrying about the future of Instagram. I prefer to think about the photos I have stored in Instagram, what will happen to them under Facebook‘s authority?

People who wrote on their blogs tend to think negatively about this, Facebook will monetize the photos or do whatever it takes to benefit them to pay back a billion dollars they spent.


It’s better to bring an umbrella, before raining. Therefore it’s time to backup our Instagram photos, just in case something we don’t want to happen, but it happen in the future. Right? There is always a solution in hard situation, and in this case there is InstaPort.Me to backup our Instagram photos into a single zip file.

With InstaPort.Me you can easily export all your instagram photos to other social network sites or to your hard drive, the choice is yours to take.

Interested? You can go to InstaPort.Me site to study more.

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