How To Display 4G Indicator On Non AT&T iPhone 4 / 4S

How To Display 4G Indicator On Non AT&T iPhone 4 / 4S. There is a Cydia tweak, named 4G for iPhone that you can install for free under ModMyi repository. With it your non AT&T iPhone will have 4G indicator appears just like AT&T users.

However this indicator is nothing but a visual replacement of 3G, that was added in iOS 5.1 firmware. And does not effect too much on the connectivity speed.

Those to make your friends think you are on the AT&T network, then you can play a little trick to them, as simple as this app is offering.

4G Indicator For iPhone 4 4S
So if you are a subscriber of Sprint or Verizon or iPhone 4 users, then 4G for iPhone tweak can bring the 4G indicator to your device, albeit you don’t own 4G access. And 4G for iPhone 4 is created and developed by lordjordysmith and the 4G for iPhone package is a WinterBoard theme, so you need to firstly install the Saurik’s theming platform to use it.

Interested? You can find it in the ModMyi repository now for free but firstly jailbreak your iPhone first.

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