Get Your Stolen iPhone Back With iGotYa App

The iGotYa jailbreak app will help you to find your lost iPhone if it’s being stolen by someone (precisely a thief). Surely it’s not easy to find it, since the thief could be somewhere in this globe.

But don’t give up hope yet, because iGotYa app will help you out from that difficult and unwanted situation.

iGotYa Jailbreak App To Find A Stolen iPhone 4 And iPhone 3GS
iGotYa Find Stolen iPhone iPad

This is how iGotYa will help, if you have purchased the app via Cydia for $4.99 and install it, it will give you the ability to protect your iPhone with an unlock password. And if the thief who stole your iPhone enter the wrong password 3 times.

iGotYa will automatically take a picture of him (her) and list his (her) location and send the information to you via email.

That way you will get sufficient information to track the thief’s location and get your iPhone back also protect your iPhone data from an unauthorized access. Head to Cydia app store to download iGotYa under Modmyi repository

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