Fix iPhone Music App Gone After iOS Update

Fix iPhone musics gone after updating iOS. In case you are one of the unlucky guy who found your entire iPhone musics suddenly or unexpectedly gone, coincidentally it happens after you upgraded your iOS to the newer version on your device. One thing you must know, the condition does not mean that your favorite musics are gone, it’s a mysterious bug that creates the problem, the bug prevents your song to be displayed correctly.

This bug could be a heart attack for musician who saved their own songs to their iPod Touch or iPhone, and found out their music all gone. He has no backup. That's terrible. Actually, and again I should calm you, your musics are not disappearing, it's your device that can see them.

And in this post I would like to elaborate the how to fix iPhone music gone after update iOS firmware to newer iOS version and the fix is pretty simple. Let’s do it!

Simply connect your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac to launch iTunes.

You will see your iPhone on the sidebar, and then click the arrow to the left of it so your media categories appear and choose music.

How To Fix iPhone Music App Disappears After iOS Update
  • Now connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to computer.
  • Your iPhone will appear under device in the left side of iTunes interface.
  • Select any song you wish to play.
  • Then use iTunes to play your selected song.
  • Then it’s time to sync your iPhone.
  • And then re-launch the iPod app on your iPhone, aha! Your entire favorite songs are there waiting for you, as though nothing ever happens.
Fix iPhone Music App Gone After iOS Update

Via Apple Discussion Forum.

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