Fast Copy App For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch To Copy, Paste, Cut

The famous iPhone hacker and the one who released JailbreakMe, Comex, recently released a jailbreak app named Fast Copy, and can be found in Cydia.

The app will enable you to copy and paste in iOS snappier. Who doesn't need the copy-paste utility when we are texting with friends or simply composing an email. Surely we do need those abilities.

Here is the app description.

Fast Copy for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The editing menu (Copy, Cut, Paste, Select, All etc) always seems to lag for a moment with the button you pressed highlighted before actually performing the action. This is actually just a delay, this tweak removes it, making copy and pasting feel much snappier.

If you think you really need to remove the delay and make the pasting feel much easier and faster, then you can give this app a try. To use this app your iPhone must have been jailbreak using and then go to Cydia and search for fast copy and then install the app.

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