Download Torrent Files Directly On iPhone & iPad With Torrent Downloaded Safari Plugin

Download Torrent files directly on iPhone & iPad. There is a jailbreak app that you can use to download any torrent files available directly from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or perhaps via default mobile browser, such as Safari.

Yes my friend you read it right, now downloading Torrent files is possible with the help of a very handy tweak app namely Torrent Downloaded Safari Plugin.

Torrent Downloader Safari Plugin iPhone

After the app is installed, then restart your device, after your device is on then you can start downloading torrent files from your favorite torrent sites to your beloved device using Safari browser. And the great thing is Torrent Downloader Safari Plugin is a free app that you can download in Cydia under ModMy repository.

Since this is a jailbreak app, then you are going to firstly need to jailbreak your devices before you can using the app. Jailbreaking to use the app is the unavoidable requirement to use the app.

So tell me what you think after using the app and also your feedback to the app developer.

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