Create Free iPhone Ringtones Using Ringbuilder App

I know creating a custom ringtones using iTunes 8 or higher is a painless process, yet there are several steps to be done, sometimes they are confusing for some people.

Thus, if you want to skip the process, then Ringbuilder app can be your helper to create free custom ringtone for your iPhone, what it takes just installing the app and select your favorite song to be your ringtone and set the 30 seconds of its duration and put it into your library. Done and test your newly created ringtone!

You can personalize your ringtone too, by renaming it to be easier to remember. But it’s not a free app, it is quite cheap considering what you are going to get.

Create Free iPhone Ringtones Using Ringbuilder App
Ringbuilder app’s price is $0.99 and can be downloaded via iTunes official site here.

Ringbuilder app is proudly developed by Phonitive, with it every iOS device can easily set custom ringtone from their device. And the app was tested personally by me, and gave the results just like what's advertised. The process is simple and quick.

How to set ringtones from your iPhone using Ringbuilder app?

To do so you can simply tap the + button once the app is launched, then it will show you all the available songs in your iPhone. Just select the song you want to set as your ringtone. Then an interface will be shown up to firstly setting your ringtone, in there you can use two buttons which are Start and Stop.

Start for from which part of the song you wish to begin, while the Stop is used to end the ringtone from part of the song you wish. But one thing you should now that ringtone should only be 30 seconds longer.

When finish, the app will save your new ringtone. Now your ringtone need to be transferred to your computer and sync it back to your iOS device using iTunes.

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