What Is iFunBox And What It Offers To Us?

Do you want to transform your iPhone or iPod Touch to be a flashdisk? The good news is you can do it, when your device is connected to your laptop it will become a storage media.

To achieve that you need an app namely iFunBox that will do the job easily and fast.

iFunBox is simply a tool to managing your files and apps that's designed for both Windows and Mac OS.

Once iFunBox installed on your OS supported computer then you can isntall .ipa files to your PC.

Simply download iFunBox and run iFunBox without perform any roughing installation steps, the process is pretty fast and simple anyone can do it.

That's why Fun is the name because it's not just fun using it, it is also fun installing it.

Once it's installed then connect your iPhone / iPod Touch to your computer, you will see now you can easily copy and paste files. All thanks to iFunBox.
What are the features offered by iFunBox?
  • You can access system file from iOS iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Not just that, but you can also edit your system file, like Save Game file and copying or pasting files from your iPhone to computer, or otherwise will be very easy, because iFunBox has a similar look as Windows Explorer, but it's more user friendly.
  • Backup or install IPA app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With iFunBox, you can easily make a backup over apps, games installed on your iPhone into the IPA file, or otherwise, you can also install IPA file on iPhone using iFunBox.
  • Juggle your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a Flashdisk, where you can easily copy or paste file from or to iPhone or iPad.
  • When iTunes can't detect your iPhone or iPad, then you can count on iFunBox to perform backup over your data.
  • You can install .ipa apps using iFunbox.
You can download the latest iFunBox from this URL; http://dl.i-funbox.com/#sthash.k9VCeQf5.dpuf and start to use your iPhone or iPad as the flashdisk and wholly control your own iPhone.

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