How To Use Save For Facebook On iPhone

Too often finding interesting articles on your Facebook timeline but have no too much time to read them all at the same time? No worry since last month, Facebook had released a saving feature called Save for Facebook.

For you who have not tried that feature, now I will try to discuss on how to use the Save for Facebook on your iPhone or iPad.

Save for Facebook.

Firstly, find the links or notes shared nu your friend in your Timeline. Hit the arrow icon down located in the right side of the post then choose save. Now you have saved that post to be read later or when you have time. See the following image to get the picture.
Save For Facebook
The question now is how to access those saved notes or links or posts?

It is pretty simple, just hit the More icon on the right side of your iPhone's lower screen then search the Favorite list and then hit Saved text. In that part, you can see various things you previously saved in the informative categorized. You will see the categories like Links, Musics, Films, Books, Places, and many more.
Save For Facebook On iPhone
If you have finished reading them, you can throw what you've read into the archive folder by simply swiping from right to left then hit the Archive icon. The notes or links will be archived so in then future, you can find them in the Archive area located in the right corner of Saved menu. And if you don't need them anymore just delete them from Archive by simply swiping from right to left then hit Delete.

The Facebook developer teams present this feature is of course to increase the users productivity in various of activities and finding the interesting information that might be useful for them, if they can't read it at the time they see it, they can read it later. So, how many material reading you have saved to be read later?

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