How To Turn Off LINE Game Notifications On iPhone iPad

Many of iOS based device users love LINE Messenger because the app offers various but interesting features to enjoy. The games connected with the IM app are many and fun, like LINE Ninja Strikes, Line Pop, Line Cookie Run and Line Wind Runner, etc.

But because of that we received many game notifications that is certainly not something we want to receive routinely. You will see them raining your timeline. They are not too important notifications like invitations appear just to invite us join the game.

So to sedate LINE and make it more friendly, you can try the tips written here to turn off the game notifications -- the game you are playing -- or stopping the notifications sent by your friend, or the game that you don't play. All the notifications will be gone and no more bothering your awesome days.

How to turn off LINE game notifications on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open or launch LINE app.
  2. Now hit the More button located on the down-left then select Settings.
  3. Now enter to this Notifications>Additional Services. In this area you will see number of apps or games from LINE that you have authorized. Pick one of them to enter the detail settings.
    Turn Off Line Game Notifications
  4. When you are in the settings area of the app, turn off the Receive Messages and Receive Notifications. In this tutorial I pick the Line Jelly game to be stopped from notifying me.
    Turn Off Line Game Notifications
  5. Repeat the steps for all the apps or games that you wish to silent. That means no more notifications and make your phone's more calm.
  6. You can also prevent the apps or games you have not yet authorized by turning off the Receive Messages in the Unathorized Apps setting.
    Turn Off Line Game Notifications
Well done! Now you are free from any disturbing notifications from both LINE games or apps. Enjoy yourself.

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