How To Sync Apps From iTunes To iPhone Or iPad

Many friends of mine asking on how to exactly using iTunes correctly, some of them are a bit confused on how to sync apps from iTunes to iPhone or iPad.

And today, I would like to guide anyone who have the same questions as my friend to easily sync iTunes apps to their beloved iOS devices, like iPad or iPhone.


1. Connect your iPhone to your computer or MAC, and then run the iTunes.
2. Click on iTunes Store on the list located on the left, after it's opened, now you need to click on App Store on the top side, then click "Great Free Apps" (just for example)
3. Now type on the search box on the top-right, for example you type Facebook then enter.
4. Now click on the Free tab, for example on the Facebook icon, you will be asked to login using your Apple ID. You can enter your Apple ID credentials.
5. Now on Download tab on the left side to see the download status.
6. After the downloading process is finished, click on DEVICE or your iPhone, then click on App tab on the top.

7. Click on the app box to be synced so the Tip sign will appear on the little box.

8. Click on Apple on the right side, now you can wait for the sync process to finish.
While syncing process please don't do anything to your device, because it will cancel the process.

Does your iTunes can not read your iOS device? Now worry try to fix it from the following pages.

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