Fix iTunes Can't Read Sync iPhone Contents

This issue is faced quite often by iOS device users, just like what my friend faced this week. When he tried to connect his iPhone to computer, he received this message.

Hope you don't experience the iTunes syncing issues. If you do. The post you are reading now is yours.

The error messages like this.
“iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPad “xxx’s iPad”. Go to the Summary tab in iPhone preferences and click Restore to restore this iPhone to the factory settings.

iTunes Can Not Read Sync iPhone Content

The results of the problem could be;
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can't sync app, music or movies.
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only display the Serial number & Software version, but the data can not be accessed.
  • iDevice is forced to be restore (please don't do that).
The causes of the problem could be.

Along using the additional program beside iTunes in order to transfer music or ringtone. One thing you should know, whether iTunes or the other file transferring programs have different methods in transferring music or ringtones to your device, therefore you better not using program other than iTunes (if you don't really need it).

The iTunes database file inside your iPhone is corrupted because of that. The corrupted database file has caused your iOS device unable to communicate correctly to iTunes (can't synce, restore, etc).

How to fix iTunes can not sync with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest iTunes.
  2. Now download one of the following programs.
  3. After you downloaded and installed, run the program.
  4. Now connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to your computer, and wait till you iPhone's directory is readable. No need to run iTunes for this.
  5. Now browse this directory /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/ and then delete file that names  iTunesDB (iTunesDB is the iTunes database file).
  6. Make sure you firstly make a backup before deleting it, just in case.
Now your iTunes will not display error message anymore. But all your music in iPhone will disappear from iTunes list. Albeit they are gone, but they actually still in your iOS device, that's because you have deleted the database (iTunesDB).

Karena file music di iDevice sudah menghilang dari iTunes, mau tidak mau kita juga harus menghapus file aslinya, yah setidaknya Anda bisa memasukkannya kembali kalau masalahnya sudah beres. Cara menghapusnya:

Since the music file from your iDevice has disappeared from iTunes, then you do need to also erase the original files, and you can re-enter them later when the problem is fixed. How to do it? Follow the steps below.
  1. Browse this directory /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music.
  2. Erase all the folder inside the that Music folder.
  3. Now unplug your iOS device from computer, then re-connect it.
  4. Run iTunes, check whether iTunes can sync with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or not.
Please to also learn how to sync apps from iTunes to iPhone or iPad and solutions if your iPhone is not detected by Windows computer.

Hope the post here is useful to fix your problem.

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