MSGAutoSave: Automatically Save Photos And Videos On Messages

MSGAutoSave is a tweak available on Cydia which can be useful if you regularly receive photos and videos via the Messages application in iPhone.

The tweak simply allows to automatically save pictures in the book upon receipt. But of course you don't want to save the whole pictures or videos you have received, that's why MSGAutoSave provides an option in the settings to activate a confirmation alert backup files. So you will get a message pop-up asking you whether to save the received file or not.

The screen to see when the app in action.

If you think the files is too big, there is an option to resize photos and videos. So your device's storage will not be eaten up too much because of it.

Well to think about it, personally I need this app, especially when there is an option for image resizing. How about you? Need it too?

If you use WhatsApp, know that you can enable this feature in the settings tab of the application (with or without jailbreak iPhone!) Discussion -> Save files.

MSGAutoSave is available on the repo BigBoss at $ 0.99 and supports iOS7 iPhone.

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