How To Install Photo Booth App On iPhone / iPod Touch

Today we will guide you on how to install the Photo Booth application on iPhone and iPod Touch. Jailbreak Square as usual will deliver a new trick for beginners, this tips will be enriching our how to iPhone category (see the category to find more tricks and tips to improve your iOS device).

In the category you will be regaled with heap of tricks that help beginners and at the same time could surprise the most experienced users.

Here's our today's tip that I hope would delight everyone! The PhotoBooth application is normally for iPad only, but thanks to jailbreak (again!) you can now install the PhotoBooth application on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Here is how to do it.

Install PhotoBooth On iPhone iPod
How To Install PhotoBooth App On iPhone / iPod Touch

  1. Firstly your iPhone or iPod Touch device must already be jailbroken, that's the obvious requirement, then open Cydia and add the following repo;
  2. Now search and install Photo Booth for iPhone IOS 7.
  3. That's it!

When you try to open the application, you may have a display problem. Try uninstall the app and then re-install it afterward restart your device. The problem will be solved.

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