How To Enable 4G Free Mobile On iPhone

The guides to enable 4G free mobile app on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iOs device users who wish to activate 4G free mobile can apply the steps written here so they will utilize the features via their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iPhone is great phone armed with superb features one of which is the ability to connect to 4G based network. However not all people know on how to activate the network.

If you have an iPhone 4G (iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S), you can have 4G at Free Mobile without extra cost! To activate this is easy, simply log in to their account and then Free Mobile.
  1. Click on Manage My Account.
  2. Click My Options.
  3. Click on 4G Service.
  4. Check the box "I said ..."
  5. Click on Submit.
Wait a few hours until the option is enabled and restart your iPhone for 4G LTE Mobile Free (if your town is covered, of course).

4G Connection
  1. Then open Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone and add the source then install CommCenter patch for iOS 7
  2. Download IPCC file (operator settings) Free 4G
  3. Download IPCC file (operator settings) Free LTE
Then if you're on a Mac.
  1. Close iTunes
  2. Launch the Terminal
  3. Type defaults write carrier-testing-bool TRUE then Enter
Or if you're on Windows.
  1. Close iTunes
  2. Open the console / / Medium fast to enable: make Windows key + R, then enter cmd.exe in the screen displayed
  3. Type the following cd C:
  4. cd Program Files (if 32-bit Windows)
  5. cd Program Files (x86) (if 64-bit Windows)
  6. iTunes cd
  7. iTunes.exe / setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
  8. Close the console
Then open iTunes and select your iPhone, then hold down ALT (Mac) / SHIFT (Windows) at the same time and click "Check for Updates".

Just for Windows, select the file type "IPCC" in the drop down menu bottom right of the pop-up Finally, select the previously downloaded file (LTE or 4G), and restart the iPhone to be sure of support. And here you have enabled 4G Free Mobile on iPhone!

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