Circlet a Tweak To Customize iPhone Status Bar

If you are searching for a jailbreak tweak to customize your iPhone's appearance, then you should try Circlet this is a new release tweak in Cydia that will make you able to personalize your status bar's style.

Well as I said that you can customize your iPhone's appearance, in fact you will be able to change almost all appearance of your status bar.

The tweak is developed by prolific developer namely Julian Weiss to give you ability to customize circular indicators in order to simplify your iPhone's status bar.

One thing deserves to be noted about this tweak is not relying on either WinterBoard or image assets. And doesn't need to respring your phone too. Jailbroken iPhone is needed to run this app. Therefore be sure you have meet the requirement.

After installing Circlet, you’ll need to go to the Settings app to find the tweak’s preferences. Inside of its preferences, you’ll notice three sections that can be configured to your liking—Signal, Wifi/Data, and battery. You are able to diversify the orientations of each of the 3 sections.

For each section you choose will yield of another three options, which are Fill, Radial and Concentric, so you can play with these styles but be sure to firstly read the guides placed underneath the options.

Circlet Tweak Cydia
Interested with this tweak?

Circlet is currently available within BigBoss repository fo $ 0.99.

Customizing our device is always fun therefore many app and tweak developers give this area attentions.

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