Jailbreak iPhone And iPad

How To Jailbreak Our iPhone. As all of you know, if you have an iPhone or an iPad running iOS can perform the Jailbreak to enjoy certain features that Apple does not allow us to use on our iOS devices.

Without Jailbreak, for example, we can only install applications that have been accepted by Apple and the App Store are also unable to modify virtually any element of the interface.

iOS is a very closed system, which helps to maintain the safety of the devices, but also severely limits the customization of the same.

Jailbreak allows you to bypass these limits. However, you should know that skipping the limits can pose a risk to the security of the system, but if you're careful you'll be fine.

Jailbreak iPhone iPad
Let's see how to Jailbreak our iPhone

Since evasders team has released their tool to Jailbreak is a really simple process on any device. This is what you need.
  • Your iPhone.
  • The Jailbreak tool.
  • The latest version of iTunes.
  • The 30-pin cable or cord Lightning to connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Entering DFU Mode.
IMPORTANT: First of all you must make a backup of your data. Once you have a backup, the next phase is you need to connect the iPhone to the computer and run the jailbreak tool, which evasiOn. You just have to find the button that says "Jailbreak" . Press it and wait.
When the process completes, the iPhone will reset and reload. Now in your hand there is an iPhone with Jailbreak utility along!

I have it, now what I can do?

The first thing you'll notice is that on the main screen there is a new app called Cydia. This is the Jailbreak app store.

Here you will find many apps that are not in the App Store. Of course you can still use the Apple App Store as you use to.

Keep in mind that Cydia applications are not supervised as the App Store, so it may have some (although unlikely) malicious software within. If in doubt, before installing it, use Google to find reviews about the app in question.

I want to remove the jailbreak

If you've done Jailbreak but, for some reason, want to remove it, no problem! Let's see how to bring back your device as it was before.
  • First of all, if you've been using the iPhone for some time after performing the jailbreak, make a backup.
  • Connect iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Go to the menu of the iPhone, top right.
  • On the screen you will see a button out of "Restore". Press it. After a few minutes the iPhone is like straight out of the box. And this will restore your iPhone and kick out the jailbreak away.
Another option, if you like, is to restore a previous backup to Jailbreak, and eliminate any trace of having used the tool.

If you use a backup made ​​after performing the jailbreak, some useless folders and files remain on the system, which Apple might know we have done the jailbreak if we have to bring the iPhone to be repaired. You will lose your device's warranty in that case.

As you can appreciate, as explained in Gizmodo, to Jailbreak your iPhone is fairly straightforward. If you decide, you will see that you have many things to discover.

Perhaps more "dangerous" than the closed system of Apple but installing amply proven applications will not have any problems.

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