iPhone 6 Is $100 More Expensive Than General iPhone

We have been enjoying the greatness of iPhone 5s since its release, but for some of us the performance of 64-bit process with Touch ID sensor are still lacking.

And if you have been envying with the big-sized screen of Android devices, then you don't need to spoil your envious anymore. There is a good news for you. According the latest rumor and the leaked photo I got, iPhone 6 will be 5.5 inch. Yet, it's just a leak!

That means the iPhone will come up with a bigger display, to beautify its look Apple will mold a thinner design. All them are supported with great inside specifications such as Apple's latest A8 chipset, 1GB of RAM, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a sophisticated camera with optical image stabilization. As for the software, iOS 8 is pre-installed out of the book coming with new shinny app namely Healthbook, maps that are improved also Siri API.

iPhone 6 $100 More Expensive

And if you have swallowed the good news, please prepare yourself for a not too friendly news here. According to the recent report from the notable analyst, Peter Misek telling us that Apple is currently negotiating with its own cellular operator partner companies to raise iPhone 6 up to $100 more expensive than the general iPhone.

Initially the US cellular operator companies disagree with the idea, considering the subsided price - which is $199 -- have been performing pretty well to generate them profits. But, they also realize big potential of iPhone 6 that could be the most salable device this year. So they are left without a choice but to comply with Apple decision.

Apple is allegedly will release the 5.5 inch iPhone at the end of 2014, or in the beginning of next year. Until then, what we can do just wait for further information relating this most-anticipated smart device.

Source Macrumors.

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